1 Pair Non Piercing Nipple Clamps


These tweezer-style Nipple Clamps adorn the chest with three graduated silver balls that dangle from the end. The adjustable clamps have a sliding ring that will permit you to modify the amount of pressure that is applied and are coated with vinyl for comfort and a better grip.

These beaded clamps are perfect for the beginner or advanced nipple play. With a little imagination, they can also be used on the scrotum, penis, labia, ears, or any part of the body you desire. Measurements: 3.5 inches in total length, tweezer length 2.25 inches.

This is a very unique Female Breast Clip that can stimulate any women's inner desires, increase excitement, and allow you to experience unprecedented happiness in your sex life; At the same time, it can promote a fun exchange between couples and increase the bdsm play of couples' sex life. Give them a try. 


  • Silver color
  • Length: 3 ''
  • Material: metal
  • Maximum opening width: 1.2 in

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