Bluetooth Wireless APP Remote Controlled Wearable Play Toy

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The Kegel Exercise Toy is made of body-safe, BPA-free premium silicone and made with seamless construction. Features IPX7 waterproofing, very soft and silky to the touch. The Wearable Play Toy is easy to clean with soapy water so wearing one is hygienic. 


The Wireless Sex Toy has 4 manual modes and 8 APP modes; it is easy to graduate and adjust the power of the vibrations. Press the go switch a few times to choose the mode which suits you best. Wireless APP Kegel is vary easy to use according to over 557 customer trust pilot reviews.


Connect confidently and securely to our free app, and you have the option to see your pelvic floor movements in real-time and track your progress over time via the Kegel LEVETT App, if you feel it would be useful for you.


Make Your Yoni Smile :)

This Smart Kegel, when used as a pelvic-floor exerciser, involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. The screen shows you when your pelvic floor muscles are exercised in real time, we call this ‘work’ and ‘rest’– and it looks like a smile.


The Remote Control Silicone Kegel is specially designed for women who want to do Kegel exercises and strengthen those all important vaginal muscles. After childbirth, as age increases, to correct bladder weakness, to increase orgasm, to make you a Worshiped Boudoir Controlling Boss !!  Whatever your goal is, there is a setting for you. 

Interactive Couples Sex-toy;

This interactive sex toy allows couples to have long-distance sex. When you adjust a setting in the app your partners device reacts- enabling lovers to connect and play together regardless of the distance!

Can you imagine that video call?! With a little imagination the scenarios are endless, erotic and thrilling.

Send Him or Her a Special Gift.

  • I Want a new item of jewellery
  • I could use a new car
  • Its your birthday soon babe!!
  • I was just thinking....


  • Item Type: Vibrator
  • Material: Medical Silicone
  • Feature:  Ajustable speed toy for couplesor personal use
  • Item useSolo Play Discreet Public Play Long Distance Play
  • Item use: App controlled vibrator

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