The BizNiz Bandage Crop Top With Matching Leggings


The BizNiz  2 Pcs Outfits are made of high-quality spandex and polyester material. The soft and stretchy fabric makes it feel great in the skin, a comfortable wearing experience. 


Grab this Casual Bandage Streetwear while it's on sale and have it ready 😉 at arms reach when you need a classy sexy outfit you can quickly put together ❤ 


It comes as a versatile set - a crop top with matching leggings that go with almost any accessories depending on your mood.


It features sleeveless, cross-over, lace-up, drawstring front, high waist, solid color, and is slim-fitting.


The Halter Neck Crop Top is breathable, lightweight, soft, and comfy to wear.


You can wear it with a jacket for a stylish casual look. You can also pair it with slippers or high heels. Switch UP your style with any of our fabulous colour variations - what's YOUR flavour?


 The BizNiz Crop Top & Leggings 

Sale Ends Midnight 



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