Cosplay Sexy Bunny Costume

£27.99 £67

Our naughty Cosplay Sexy Bunny Costume will make you look so cute and sexy. Let this be the costume to spice up your love life or playtime. With easily adjustable rabbit ears headband, this outfit also comes with a strap-type neck collar and a beautiful bracelet pair of cuffs. The hairball tail, bodice styled bodysuit, not only satisfies the imagination but also gives a realistic representation of the role of the rabbit girl, the sexy bunny character is of course a classic.

Absolutely marvellous and Sexy Lingerie Set that offers the opportunity of infinite fun!

This Sexy Bunny Outfit is made from good quality fabric that is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Perfect lingerie for party nights out or self-pleasure.

This Adult Female Rabbit Costume is a funny and cute bunny, a classic outfit, turns you into a playful rabbit just for tonight, and takes you into an Alice in Wonderland fantasy - if you get your make up right :-)

Makes A fabulous gift for you and your lover. Never tried costume play before? Then consider - better relationships benefit from variety, try something new today!


  • Theme: Bunny Outfit
  • Gender: Women
  • Material: Polyester
  • Type: Bunny Rabbit Dress

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