Sexy Metal Sequin 1960's Vintage Style Tunic Dress



This Exquisite piece was created In the same style and with full respect to the original 1960's design.


The original - Paco Rabanne vintage rhodoid disk dress was created in 1965/66 and sold very well at that time for in excess of £2,900.00 

Rare and collectable, this dress was featured on the 1966 cover of British Vogue.


OhSaucy - recreation of a classic rhodoid disk dress : Timeless Classic

The discs are silver metal and the rings are gold metal. This dress is very much designed in homage to the great designs in the 1960's.

Fashion / Trendy / Statement / Drip / Bar / Beach / Gifts / Party / Night Club / Wedding


Key Features:

  • Aluminium Alloy
  • Body Jewellery Tunic Dress
  • Rhodoid Disk Dress
  • Geometric Metal
  • Gold Colour / Silver Color / Colorful

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