Superhero Cosplay Costume Bodysuit *Spiderwoman*


Spiderman might get a ton of attention,  but you cannot forget that there is also a Spider-Girl. In the Marvel Comics MC2 universe, she is a Superheroine!

The teenage daughter of Peter Parker, known to many more out there as Spiderman. At age 15, Spider Girl starts developing her spider powers. She posses human strength, can no doubt leap the same high buildings as pops but looks so much sexier doing it.

She also is more agile than her Spiderman father (well of course she's a woman!). If you would like to dress up as this female superhero, look no further than OH Saucy for this super hot costume.

The Spider Girl Costume is a character jumpsuit made 100 percent of polyester.


  • Character Jumpsuit & Romper
  • 100% Polyester
  • Spiderwoman 1 piece Costume
  • Large Size Range XS to XXXL
  • Super Quick Delivery


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