Huge Cordless Magic Wand Massager


Huge Magic Wand Massager is composed of medical grade silicone, it's flexible, reliable and durable.


This is not an isertable sex toy !


Fitness Therapeutic Sports Muscles or deep tissue Massager. 


The Cordless Wand Massager is your personal massage therapy equipment, it can relieve built-up muscle tension and pain. Built and designed for deep tissue body massage. If you are looking for a cordless massage wand that won't cost you a fortune, this massager is for you. 


The beauty of this Wand Massager is how the vibrations are produced with precise efficiency from its custom-designed motor, which ensures the massager does not overheat during recommended use. The wand massager delivers intense, concentrated power to your tense muscles. You can choose the suitable frequency and fully relax.


The USB Charged Massager is convenient to use anywhere, even suitable for travel.


The Premium Personal Wand is cordless and USB rechargeable from any USB outlet, with a long-lasting battery life it runs close to 3 hours on a full charge. You can charge it with your computer, phone charger, and power bank, portable and travel friendly, enjoy it anywhere and anytime. 



  • Type: Wand
  • Material: Medical Silicone
  • Item Type: Vibrators
  • Size: 330 x 60 mm
  • Vibration: 10 Speeds Vibration
  • Power: USB Rechargeable
  • Colors: Black & White& Purple

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